The City will be expanding Centennial Park with the addition of an approximately 1-acre parcel that
will connect the existing Centennial Park to the new City Hall. The expansion design will complement
the existing Centennial Park, serve as open-space between the new City Hall and historic downtown
Redmond, and provide an open civic space for the community.


The goal of the Centennial Park Expansion Project is to accomplish the following:

  • Provide low maintenance and cost effective park amenities  
  • Not replicate other park amenities in close proximity to the site
  • Provide open-space and outdoor opportunities for the community
  • Serve as an open-space corridor to connect new City Hall east to historic downtown
  • Complement the already completed Centennial Park (completed 2010)

In the mid-2000s public involvement played a significant role in shaping open space opportunities in Redmond’s downtown core – and specifically the creation of Centennial Park.  As we enter 2017, public participation will again shape the expansion of our most popular downtown gathering space.

The City of Redmond has established a Centennial Park Expansion Task Force, comprised of key community stakeholders, who will work with city staff to lead the public participation efforts over the course of the next year.  The Task Force will be chaired by City Councilor Joe Centanni.






Task Force Mtg. # 1
3_8_2017  Agenda #1


Task Force Mtg. # 2
Presentations from Public Interest Groups
 3_29_2017  Agenda #2  Minutes
 Task Force Mtg. # 3
 5_10_2017  Agenda #3


Public Open House # 1
Task Force Mtg. # 4
Public Open House # 2
Task Force Recommendations to Downtown Urban Renewal Advisory Cmte. (DURAC)
DURAC / Task Force Recommendations to Urban Renewal Board of Directors

To share your ideas about what the Task Force should consider and/or learn more about this exciting project, please contact Troy Rayburn at troy.rayburn@ci.redmond.or.us.

The area located below highlighted in red is the future site of the Centennial Park Expansion Project.  The locations surrounding the highlighted section reflect the neighborhood around the project site.    

  Centennial Plaza 7 x 17