Financial Analysis & Reports

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Quarterly Financial Reports (Financial Dashboards)

Each quarter, the Deputy Director of Central Services brings a financial update to the Redmond City Council. This update includes year-to-date revenue and expenditure information compared to budget, notes of interest, and a review of the City's investments.

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 FY16/17    FY15/16    FY14/15      FY13/14       FY12/13   
          4th Qtr.     4th Qtr.    4th Qtr.     4th Qtr.     4th Qtr.
     3rd Qtr.     3rd Qtr.
    N/A    3rd Qtr.     3rd Qtr.     3rd Qtr.
     2nd Qtr.     2nd Qtr.     2nd Qtr.    2nd Qtr.     2nd Qtr.     2nd Qtr.
      1st Qtr.     1st Qtr.     1st Qtr.      N/A     1st Qtr.     1st Qtr.