Quince Park Improvements

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We are excited to let you know that improving Quince Park has been identified as a priority park project!

Timeline for Quince Park Improvements

  • Spring 2016 – Initial resident/user survey
  • Summer 2016 – Compile results of survey into themes and develop design concepts
  • Fall 2016 – Seek additional public feedback on concept designs/budget realities
  • Winter-Spring 2017 – Finalize design and construction documents for bid
  • Summer 2017 – Implement and construct

To initiate the design process, a survey was sent to all residents within a half mile of the park.  The survey was also posted on Facebook and put into the City newsletter sent out in the water bill.  We received over 200 responses and the results were interesting (see results below):  overwhelmingly, respondents loved the trees, walking path and open space and while suggesting some improvements did not want much added development at Quince Park.  The need for improved playground equipment, additional benches and picnic tables and more shade were the most common improvements requested.

We listened and are proposing minimal improvements to the park that include: the addition of a small 'nature play' themed playground, small upgrades to the existing playground, the addition of a meandering path connecting the current outer path and adding benches and a shade structure with picnic tables.  Below is a mock-up of the design:  please note that pictures of the new amenities are samples to give the general concept.

We'd love to hear your feedback.  Please email Annie McVay, Park Division Manager.  annie.mcvay@ci.redmond.or.us

Concept Design

 Quince pdf

Survey Results

Download full survey results here


Top 5 Responses to: What are your favorite things about Quince Park?

   Count  Comment
 1  84  Paved path
 2  52  Shade/trees
 3  30  Playground
 4  26  Open grassy area
 5  22  Open area for sports


 Top 5 Responses to:  What do you not like about Quince Park?
   Count  Comment
 45  Needs swings & updated playground equipment
 2  24  Dogs - poop and running off leash
 23  Not enough picnic tables and benches
4  13  Restrooms need improving
 5  12  Not enough shade

 Top 5 responses:  What are your hopes, expectations or ideas for Quince Park?
   Count  Comment
 74  Updated & age appropriate playground equipment/ more swings
 2  40 Covered areas with picnic tables
 3  12 Benches along the path & near playground
 4  12  No changes needed
 5  12  More amenities, several listed basketball hoops, volley ball, tennis etc.


 Top 5 responses:  What are you concerns about future development of Quince Park?
   Count  Comment
 29  None
 2  15  More development will increase traffic and need more security
 3  11  Loss of open space and grassy areas
 4  9  Too much change (keep it a community park)
 5  8  Costs could be too expensive, raise taxes