Water Division

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well 6 pump house The Water Division operates and maintains the water treatment system (pumps, wells, and reservoirs) and the water distribution system. Water is drawn from reservoirs and then distributed to 9,685 service connections through 163 miles of water pipe. Water Division employees work daily to maintain the quality of our water and the integrity of our water system from its source to your tap.

The City of Redmond’s water system draws water from a deep unconfined aquifer within the layered volcanic rocks, sand and gravel of the Deschutes Formation that lies beneath the City. The city currently supplies water from seven active wells located throughout the city.

Drilling on Well #7 located east of the City is complete at 860 feet deep. With test pumping complete, the next phase of the project can proceed: Pump installation and construction of the pump house.

During the summer months irrigation demands keep the City’s pumps working steadily to produce approximately 13 MGD to meet peak production requirements. In the winter months the usage drops considerably to an average of 2.0 MGD.

The Water Division staff maintain 5 (2MG) storage facilities, two booster pump stations, one transfer pump station, and four pressure reducing stations.