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Council Prepares for Winter by Approving Annual Plan for Removing Snow & Ice from Redmond Streets

Post Date:10/11/2018 10:49 AM

REDMOND, OREGON - On Tuesday, October 9, the Redmond City Council unanimously approved the city’s Snow and Ice Control Plan for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018/2019.  This plan establishes general policies and procedures that help make travel to work, school, and other destinations within the city as safe as possible. Much of winter weather operations consist of sanding with plowing when snow levels reach two inches and accumulating.  Aside from the Redmond Airport, the city has a fleet of nine pieces of primary snow removal equipment.  When all equipment is deployed, it takes approximately 30 to 40 hours to clear the city’s 320 lane miles of streets once the snow stops accumulating. 

“During a snow storm, we focus first on the higher use streets then branch out to the residential neighborhoods,” said Public Works Director Bill Duerden.  “We’ll call in contracted support if needed for larger storms and use GPS trackers on our equipment to ensure every street in the city is eventually plowed.”  

The city encourages Redmond residents and visitors to utilize the city’s webpage for road condition updates during winter weather events, to view the official snow plowing priority route map, and to learn the status of winter street operations.

During inclement weather, the Transportation Division will make every effort to maintain the traffic flow in the City of Redmond to as near normal driving conditions as possible.  City arterials, collectors, school bus routes and emergency services streets receive sanding and plowing priority.  This assures each residential area is near a plowed street and that emergency services can be provided. 

The City of Redmond would like to remind residents and business owners to do their part following a winter storm by maintaining sidewalks adjacent to their property in a safe condition for pedestrian use. Have questions or concerns about city roads?  Please call 541-504-2000 or email


Your Tax Dollars at Work: City of Redmond invests $1.5 million annually to keep Redmond’s streets smooth, clean, and safe.