Building Permit Applications

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If the building permit is for a demolition or remodel, please visit DEQ's Asbestos Program website to review the rules of the program to prevent asbestos fibers release into the air.
If you have any questions, please contact Frank Messina at DEQ: (541) 388-6146 ext. 226.

Permits are also available via the E-Permitting Accela Citizen Access website. This is an online resource for simple, over-the-counter building permits. Homeowners can find information about permits and download permit forms from participating building departments. Licensed contractors can apply and pay for permits online.

As of January 1, 2009, the Building Department uses this Valuation Data to calculate the valuation of building for permitting fees.

Accessory Structures Requirements

Agricultural Building Exemption

Building Permit

Electrical Permit

Fire Permit

Manufactured Home Permit

Manufactured Home Placement Checklist

Mechanical Permit

Owner Construction Responsibility

Plan Submittal Checklist

Plumbing Permit

Renewable Energy Permit

Residential Design Checklist

Restricted Electrical Permit

Sidewalk Driveway

Solar Setback Regulations

Tree Permit

Utility Excavation Permit