Certificate of Occupancy

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A Certificate of Occupancy is required for all new commercial buildings, additions to such buildings, tenant improvements and change of use pursuant to Section 111 of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code. Additionally, a Certificate of Occupancy is also required for new single-family dwellings and townhouses pursuant to Section R110 of the Oregon Residential Specialty Code. Additions and alterations to single-family dwellings or townhouses and accessory building do not require a Certificate of Occupancy. This certifies that at the time of completion, and after all inspections have been approved, the structure is in compliance with the applicable provisions of the State Building Code and applicable City Codes regulating the construction and use of such buildings.

For a commercial Certificate of Occupancy once the final building inspection is approved, the builder shall bring the inspection card with all final inspections approved on any outstanding permits linked to the project .  All divisions or agencies that were a part of the approval process for the building permit issuance will be notified via email requesting them to sign off on the permit for issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy. The divisions that may be notified would include Finance, Planning, Fire, Public Works, Deschutes County Health, Engineering, Airport and the Building Division.

For a single-family residence and townhouses Certificate of Occupancy, the builder shall bring the required documentation to the City of Redmond Building division (documents listed below). All final inspections shall be approved as well as the Planning final inspection, (which is coded 1996 Final Inspection – Planning) as identified on the E-Permitting Inspection Codes handout. After all required documentation has been received and verified by city staff, a Certificate of Occupancy can then be issued.

A Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued unless all final inspections have been approved or the inspectors have advised that occupancy would be allowed with simple corrections for follow up.

If there are outstanding issues which prevent sign off from any of the divisions or outside agencies, the owner or contractor will be contacted regarding these outstanding issues. It is the responsibility of the owner or contractor to contact the appropriate divisions with issues to schedule re-inspection or complete any requirements of your project.

This process can take from 1 week to 15 days. Please allow yourself enough time to receive your Certificate of Occupancy prior to occupying the building. Please contact our Senior Permit Technician, at (541) 923-7754 if you have questions regarding the Certificate of Occupancy process.

Please be aware that the City of Redmond has the ability to fine a business that doesn't have the required Certificate of Occupancy before the building is occupied.

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