Highway 97 Truck Reroute

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6th street arch

5th and 6th Streets are the main arterials serving Redmond's downtown core. As Highway 97 used to run through them, they historically saw high volumes of through truck traffic, which was detrimental to traffic circulation, pedestrian safety, and development in downtown Redmond. The project constructed a reroute for Highway 97 to the east of the downtown core, drawing through truck traffic away from 5th and 6th Streets. This project also allowed the City to begin work on its Downtown Improvements projects. The location and scope of the Truck Traffic Reroute project were determined by the City Council. 6th Street, after the reroute, is pictured above; before the reroute is pictured below.

Total Project Cost: $12 million ($11.2 million contracted with ODOT)

6th street before