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Business License Application
City code 7.010-7.048 requires each person wishing to engage in a new business to apply for a license to carry on that business for the license year. At the time of filing, the applicant shall pay the license tax required.

Please click here for a business license application and additional information.

If this is a Home Business, you must complete the Home Occupancy form and submit it along with the completed Business License Application. Not submitting the Home Occupancy form will delay the processing of your Business License.

Door to Door Solicitation Application
The practice of persons going in and upon private residential property by solicitors, peddlers, merchants, transient vendors of merchandise or services for the purpose of selling such merchandise or services shall be subject to the following regulations:
A. If a residence has a posted sign advising that solicitation is not welcome or is unwanted, solicitation at such residence shall be prohibited.
B. Solicitation shall only occur between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. There shall be no solicitation allowed on Sundays.
C. Any individual, business, political, charitable, religious, patriotic, or philanthropic group desiring to sell merchandise or services on a door-to-door basis within the City limits of Redmond shall first obtain a permit from the City.

Please click here for a door to door solicitation application.

Itinerant Merchant Permit Application
An Itinerant Merchant is a person who either carries goods, wares or merchandise from area to area, selling or offering the same for retail sales, or offers goods, wares or merchandise from a location not larger than 5,000 square feet, which can be removed from the business site at the close of business each day without making the business permanent and continuous in the City.

Please click here for an itinerant merchant permit application.

Passenger Transportation License Application
Per City Code 7.654, no person shall engage in the business of operating passenger vehicles without a license issued by the City Manager. A "passenger vehicle" is defined as any motor vehicle, used for transporting passengers for hire. Interstate motor busses with passenger capacity of over 30 passengers and passenger vehicles subject to regulation by the Public Utility Commission of Oregon are exempt from this act. Passenger vehicles used for hire shall be governed by and comply with the provisions of this Act.

Please click here for a passenger transportation license application.

Public Assembly Permit Application
City Code 7.352 states that no person shall allow, promote, conduct or cause to be advertised an assembly of persons in a public park or on public property when the person believes or has reason to believe that 100 or more persons will attend, unless a valid city permit has been obtained for the use of the park or other property for the assembly. One permit shall be required for each assembly. Liability for failure to comply with the provisions of City Code Sections .352 to 7.394 shall attach to persons who are responsible for obtaining permits under those provisions.

The following activities are exempted from the provisions of City Code Sections 7.350 to 7.394:

  • The Annual Deschutes County Fair
  • Events at the Deschutes County Fair
  • Any regularly organized and supervised school district activity or program of the City or athletic contests organized by the Central Oregon Parks and Recreation District which do not utilize public streets and rights-of-way.

Please click here for a public assembly permit application.

Additional Licenses & Permits

Social Gaming License Application

Street Vendor Permit Application

Temporary Business Permit Application