City Parks Fertilizer & Pesticide Schedule

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 4/9/2020 City Hall; American Legion; Pocket Park at (Greenwood & Canyon Dr.)  Shrub Beds    Glyphosate, 2,4-D
4/9/2020 Umatilla Ball Fields; Cemetery; Police Department; Public Works; Pocket Park at (Greenwood & Canyon Dr)  Lawn   22-5-6  
4/9/2020 Dry Canyon Trail  Trail Edges   Glyphosate; 2,D-4
4/8/2020 Sam Johnson Park  Shrub Beds   Glyphosate
4/6/2020 thru 4/10/2020  Police Department; Public Works; Becky Johnson Parking lot; Beautification corners at Canal & Salmon and Canal & Quartz  Shrub Beds   Glyphosate
4/6/2020 thru 4/10/2020   West Canyon, Fairhaven, Dog Park  Shrub Beds   Glyphosate
4/6/2020 thru 4/10/2020  Flag Monument   Shrub Beds    2,D-4
4/1/2020  Diamond Bar & Quince Park  Shrub Beds   Glyphosate

 Obsidian Ave/Veterans Way, Kalama Ave/Veterans Way (Around Lowes)

Shrub Beds   Glyphosate
2/27/20 & 2/28/20 City Islands; City Hall; American Legion; Umatilla; Fairhaven; Diamond Bar  Shrub Beds   Glyphosate; 2,D-4; Trifluralin
02/10/20 thru 02/14/20  Kalama Park; Bowlby Fields; American Legion; Dry Canyon Trail Stair Cases  Ball Fields   Glyphosate; 2,D-4
02/04/20 thru 02/06/20  City Hall; American Legion; Hayden Park; Traffic Islands; Roundabouts   Shrub Beds   Glyphosate; 2,D-4; Trifluralin
 01/31/20  Diamond Bar Park  Shrub Beds   Glyphosate; 2,D-4
 01/31/20  West Canyon Rim Park  Shrub Beds   Glyphosate; 2,D-4
 01/31/20  Centennial Park  Shrub Beds   Glyphosate; 2,D-4
 01/31/20  Umatilla Sports Complex  Shrub Beds   Glyphosate; 2,D-4
 01/30/20  Public Works  Flower Beds    2,4-D
 01/30/20  City Hall  City Hall Shrub Beds    2,4-D
 08/16/19 Flag Monument  Flower Beds & Roadside    2,4-D
 08/16/19  City Hall  City Hall Shrub Beds    Glyphosate
 08/30/19 Centennial Park    Grass & Shrubbery   22-5-6  
 08/30/19  City Hall  Grass & Shrubbery  22-5-6  

Fertilizer: The Parks Division uses one fertilizer product, Turf Gold 22-5-6. Click here to find more information about this product.

Pesticides: Two pesticide products are used on Redmond city parks: Glyphosate (Roundup) and Southern Ag 2,4-D. For more information on glyphosate, click here. For Southern Ag 2,4-D, click here.

Have Questions? Please contact the Parks Division at 541-504-2000.

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