Underground Injection Control (UIC)

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Graphic taken from EPA website UIC infographic

What is Underground Injection Control?

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) define underground injection as any system, structure or activity that is created to place fluid below the ground or sub-surface.

In Redmond, regulated Underground Injection systems include stormwater dry wells, drill holes and other drains which place fluid underground. The DEQ requires all Underground Injection Control (UIC) systems to be registered prior to construction and use. More information on UIC regulations and registration forms can be found on DEQ's website.

Why is Underground Injection Control Important?

The Safe Drinking Water Act established the UIC Program to provide safeguards to ensure that injection wells do not endanger current and future underground sources of drinking water. Fluids that are injected underground eventually reach the ground water, and can contaminante the drinking water supply. Redmond's drinking water comes entirely from ground water wells. It is important that the ground water quality be protected from contaminants to ensure a safe drinking water source for current and future residents.

What can I do to prevent groundwater contamination?

Water entering city catch basins are injected into the subsurface, eventually ending up in groundwater. Water entering catch basins is not treated at the wastewater treatment facility. To help prevent contaminants from entering catch basins through storm water.

  • Do not allow water from car washing or car maintenance to enter storm drain;
  • Do not pour anything, especially chemicals and used motor oil into storm drains;
  • Repair leaking vehicles to prevent discharge of motor oil;
  • Do not over water or over fertilize lawns; or
  • Sweep fertilizer off sidewalks, back onto lawns.

For more information or questions on Underground Injection Control please contact the City of Redmond, Stormwater Division.