Permit for Street Cuts within City Rights of Way

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City Code requires that anyone seeking to  dig, break, excavate, disturb or dig under a public street, sidewalk, crosswalk, street pavement, or public improvement must obtain a written permit from the Director of Public Works.


To apply for a Street Cut Permit:

  1. Complete the  Application for Street Cut Permit.
  2. Submit completed application and site plan for review to Public Works by email to or in-person to 243 E Antler Ave.
  3. Please allow 48 hours for processing of permit application. Public Works will notify you when review of your application is complete. If the Street Cut is approved, City will send an invoice for required fee.  Contractor may pay $20.00 fee by check or by credit card online. Once payment is received, the Street Cut permit will be issued.
  4. Permit holder must call (541) 504-2000 for inspection of trench cut 24 hours prior to excavating the trench.
  5. Paving contractor must call (541) 504-2000 to request final inspection 12 hours prior to patching.


Please contact us at (541) 504-2000 or by email at if you have any questions or concerns.


City of Redmond Code


3.100 Permit Required. No person shall dig up, break, excavate, disturb, dig under or undermine a public street, sidewalk, crosswalk, street pavement, or public improvement or any part thereof, for the purpose of laying down, gaining access to, or repairing any water pipes or mains, any sewer or branch sewer, or pipes of any kind, or for any other purpose without first applying for and obtaining a written permit from the Director of Public Works.  Any permit holder shall, on demand of the Director of Public Works, the Director’s deputies or inspectors, or any police officer of the City, produce the permit at the place where the work is in progress. If the person or persons engaged in such work refuses or fails to produce the written permit, the City officer shall immediately stop the work until the permit is produced.

** Violation of Code 3.100 is a Class A Civil infraction, subject to a $500.00 fine.