Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

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Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) is just one of the many ways that we are improving the quality of your water and delivery service. If you have any questions about AMI, please contact us via email or phone at 541-504-2000 anytime during regular business hours.

The Benefits of AMI

  • Near real-time data retrieval
  • Accurate meter readings
  • Reduce billing errors
  • Speeds up repair response times
  • Enhanced water department efficiencies
  • Improved system maintenance
  • Improved leak and theft detection
  • Better water conservation management
  • Improved water service reliability

How does AMI Work?

Several different types of AMI systems have been tested and utilized over the last 20 years. They have been used successfully for water, electricity, and gas utilities. AMI increases efficiency, therefore saving customers money.

The system chosen by the City of Redmond is built by Aclara and paired with Badger E-Series Ultrasonic Meters. The system consists of several elements that work together to improve your water service:

  • Water Meter
  • Water Register
  • Meter Transmitting Unit
  • Data Collection Units
  • AMI System Computer

To briefly describe the newest system, your old water meter is replaced with a new meter equipped with an electronic register. The meter accurately measures your water use and transmits the reading to a data collection unit located on a utility pole, which then relays the information to the main Water Department computer. Accuracy, frequency and availability of information are but a few of the benefits associated with AMI.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the AMI system record my water usage?
The Aclara system is set to record your water usage four times per day with the older units, and hourly with the newer units.

Can anyone other than the City of Redmond read my AMI meter?
No. The AMI computer software is especially written for the City of Redmond. The data collection equipment is set up by meter model and serial number and each meter is added to the system by serial number and location. Electronic meter readings should correspond exactly to those numbers displayed on the meter.

Will the City still continue to do service inspections?
Routine annual inspections of all meters and services will continue in order to look for safety hazards, wear, theft or other problems and to comply with the requirements of the manufacturers.

Will my water go off when my meter is changed?
Yes, you will experience a short, 5-10 minute disruption of water during the meter change. City staff will notify you prior to the installation with a knock on the door, before performing the change-out.

What do I do if I think my meter is not working correctly?
Contact a customer service representative at 541-504-2000 right away to discuss any maintenance or billing concerns.