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Boots Bags bling- pole sign success replacement

What’s happening?

In 2008, the code for signs in the downtown changed to no longer allow pole signs. After the reroute of truck traffic to the bypass, downtown has changed for the better. Traffic speeds are now slower allowing a more suitable environment for walking and commerce. The reduced speeds remove the need for highway-scaled large pole signs.

When did this change?

The dialog began in 2005 as the community started to prepare for the reroute of US 97. The city conducted over 12 public meetings with stakeholders and sign companies to review the code which was adopted in 2008. The code was written to allow businesses 7 years to bring their signs into compliance.

Who does this affect?

Currently about 20 businesses in the downtown area that have signs out of compliance. Half of those businesses are already working with the city to improve their signs.

How do signs get in compliance?

The Urban Renewal Agency, is providing funding to assist property owners in removing pole signs from their property. The Pole Sign Removal and Replacement Grant Program provides up to $5,000 in grant assistance to help with removal and replacement. To download an application for grant funding, CLICK HERE.

Where is there more info?

City staff have been contacting affected property and business owners in person to inform them of the program. Additional information can be found by contacting Urban Renewal Program Coordinator Chuck Arnold at: (541) 923-7761 or